Novo Chessna
cryaline panther using up matter
sweeping along on a rungless ladder
dissembark from toothage lake
did you like the proton cake?
switching fields from silver to black
wilbur fought front ripped the quack!
dolphin eyes colour your design
then we all laughed cryaline

wave pounds drum beats lobes freeze
blood boils sweat with ease
filter point dash in line
having a dimension your own is fine
soul seizes bold moves
happy dance in chrome grooves

o how I will never forget
that eventful nite
how I bleed from loves bite
misery so friendly
rescuers abandoned me
seeing amongst the black and bleak
discovering what I hoped to seek
a saving smile she bandaged my heart
my lovely kmart

parade phantasm holy smack!
sights of gold I was driven back
solitude an empire drives the attack
conquests glories of smiles trapped in gack
let self sail without compass or captain to lack
tomorrows seconds bring a hip to me quack
while the music shakes visions out of the sack