No. 37 - from the Collections of Surrealistica Poetica
Enchanted, calibrated, seized - a fractured intention
Programmed or deliberated, a chemical infuriated
Riding hell blown stilts, heavy nails bring them down
Rabbit, warm in yesterdays sun now in the fields of woe
On that eternal run (a catch-less chase)

Look! Shadows converge, black blankets rolling dunes
A moonless night, not a trace or whisper of loving light
Winged fiends fly on shrieks of shame and doubt
Engulfed, the granite of terror - a shard and a slice
Julius where are we tonight - your fur in crimson light

A mirage on these dunes for reflections, for deceptions
The echo of barren cliffs, of splintered notes and hopes
Against! That damned abracadabra sparkles at us
Hunched, not in pain only to unleash a hidden disdain
Undoing and splitting - pulling at the final stitching

Now, over the ego and horizon as emerging rays tell
A redirected conviction, sound perspectives, a proud swell
The ripple and the soundless quake, realigning in the wake
Chrysalis imbued in newest hues, cracking in the morning sun
A new shadow, the armadillo comes, his shell growing fast