Barnaby's Bliss
My failed attempts, works planned and achieved - span media and motive. As an artist, a reflector of inner states and outer debates, my intentions whether selfish or otherwise have lead me onto endeavors which serve more than blazing nerves or a kaleidoscope of misfired neurons and misshapen dreams.

To bring toil to sublime form, to bring grief to enlightened ideals. To tear visceral reflex, obtuse inertia from clouds and plant into souldust, to bear fruits of purpose, seeds of potential. Genesis coals hot with passion are indeed extruded from a like source, such are tools and tactics, fields and targets of expression.

Let others chase those mirrored ghosts on the seas of self majesty, my oars may pierce these waters still. Yet I elect the path of the pragmagician, in faceless sorcery, served not to Gods on a crystal platter, but for the masses in strident need.